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This calculates a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with a 10% down payment and a 4.25% interest rate.
Mortgage insurance, average property tax and home owners insurance are factored into this calculation.
HOA and condo fees are not factored into this calculation.
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Manna Zelalem REALTOR®

How the Hesstimate is Calculated

Our Hesstimated value range uses recent sales (comparables) near the subject property to determine the likely selling price for the property.

To compute the valuation two datasets are used: property characteristics (beds, baths, size, year built, lot size and geospatial location) and information about recently transacted sales.

We feel that a value range is more accurate because oftentimes the final price of a home is determined by many external factors such as market conditions, condition of the property, and seller motivation.

For the most accurate valuation, contact me for a free consultation and detailed market analysis.

About Me

Buying and selling a home is usually the most important purchase one makes in a lifetime.  Not only is it a substantial financial investment, it is also a very personal experience as it will be your home for years to come.     As an AveryHess Realtor, I promise that you will receive a superb level of personal service.  To guide you through all the steps and decisions that must be made during a sale, I will also utilize the knowledge I have gained from the exceptional training received from our AveryHess Academy, our strong management support, and our unsurpassed technology and marketing.    Feel free to contact me at anytime, whether it’s just to get an update on the market, ask a question, or get started realizing your goals and dreams.  I will be happy to explain the unique services that we offer, and how I can help you realize your dream! 


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